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southern hawker in flight

Southern hawker in flight.

Since my childhood I have been fascinated by dragonflies, the ‘jewels of the sky’. 
I can see why they were so coveted in the Art Nouveau movement that was inspired by the natural world. 

Over the past few years I have been catching dragonflies on camera. The challenge has taught me much about their behaviour. I have also researched them further, discovering how truly incredible these prehistoric creatures are. 

One summer I set myself a challenge to catch an image of one in flight.
To start with I was getting some very mediocre and often poor results trying out several techniques, none particularly successful. On this day I took a different approach. I sat on the edge of a large near dried out pond where a Southern Hawker was patrolling his territory. I observed his routine flight pattern and in between his visits I set up my position. Ensuring I had the sandy verge of the pond as a blank background I fitted a sunfire reflector to my tripod aiming the reflector across the dragonfly’s flight path. Sitting low, I set up my focal point in anticipation of his return. A few laps later and he flew into my aim and I shot a dozen fast frames - here is the result.

I have been asked whether he is plastic, on a stick or pinned to a background!

Study, some planning and a degree of patience -
mission accomplished.

© Claire Dunning 2012